Fans have called us bluesrockers.

We throw in a bit of funk and a few folk style ballads too.

Everything with a subtle tasty hint of the '70s.

Our motto is: «Real people – real music»

The project was started up in 2011 by vocalist and songwriter Heidi Andresen.

She had then had her first go at cutting demos just 2 years earlier.


She was joined by «Pelle» Pellfoch on drums, who co-founded the Norwegian

band Fryd & Gammen back in the 1970's, Trond Vetleseter on steady bass, professionally trained Maria Holtane-Berge on keyboards and then finally well renomated Trond Holst who completed the line-up with his 6-string.


Former steady band member Jon Vestby can be heard on guitar on the 1st album.


In the Autumn of 2013, the band landed a contract with Ghost Town Artist.

Their first real professional album called "No Name" was released in October 2014.


The winter of 2014/2015 saw Markus Vollan take over on drums, whilst Atle Riis Myhrvold and Timo Sørensen started up on guitars.


During the summer of 2015 Lars Ivar Aas took over on drums, and a few months later Tage Amundsen joined in on guitar.

Heidi Andresen & Band on stage


Booking/management: Steinar Johansen

mu-man63@hotmail.com +47 93626749


Copyright 2015 Heidi Andresen & Band.

Photos copyright 2012-2013 emiks lyd og bilde.

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GIG PÅ HENRIKEN 10.11.18 KL 20.30!


Vi spiller vår første konsert på lenge på koselige Henriken bar i Wergelandsveien, Oslo. See you there! ;-)












CD: Platekompaniet



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